We get involved in creating a value chain approach to garner attractive returns by optimization of our assets. This method results in increased profitability maintained by the Z-Co team. Full vertical integration gives us competitive scope for class A developments within the real estate industry.

We are ambitious but not over-complicated in our strategic goals. We believe in long-term investments with our clients, partners, and affiliates by focusing on ideas that make a lot with a lot less.


We no longer want just respect, security, or money from our work. It is not satisfying anymore to be limited. We want passion, fulfillment, and surprise too. We want, in a word, romance. We want wonder & sense of being.

To expand with sense and to allow leadership and direction. We don’t just build things - we maintain them. We build relationships with each other.

That’s Z-Co’s vision and we are proud to be a part of this endeavor.

Our instinctive value is ease and flow; to build better, be better, do better and apply the core ideology in our work, design, aesthetics, and culture.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us