Our Team

Our Team

Mike Butte
President & CEO

Mike Butte is a seasoned executive of over 25 years of experience in real estate and business development. He possesses an entrepreneurial mind with the practicality to successfully implement new business strategies, deliver innovative solutions and facilitate operations.

Mike has successfully developed real estate and small businesses in a variety  of different industries. His projects range from hotels, automotive repair shops and restaurants, to the most prestigious hair salon & spa in Houston.

Mike’s passion for helping other entrepreneurs succeed is instrumental in creating joint venture opportunities that mutually benefit project participants.

"In a short span of a lifetime, we must dedicate our energies to a line of work that we are passionate about. I have had the good fortune of being blessed with a career that gives me enormous satisfaction. At this point in my life, I am not only ready to reap the fruits of my own hard work and experience, but I am also ready to help others to be successful"

President & CEO Mike Butte

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Saira Ali

Office Coordinator

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Project Manager

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