Learn More About Our Investment Opportunities

Z-Co. offers excellent opportunities to seasoned investors who are interested in our experience as the developer, owner and operator of prime real estate and business assets.

Real Estate Development Projects

We develop real estate to create optimum value for each project. Our ideas are time tested, yet unique. The projects are well planned and the exit strategy already in place before the project begins.

Business Development Projects

We have assembled a team of experts with experience in developing, acquiring, and branding companies. We have the expertise to help our clients with every aspect of starting or owning a business.

Foreign Investors

At present, there is an opportunity for foreign investors to acquire temporary or permanent residence in the USA for themselves and their families. We have created a network of extraordinary resources to help our clients with the immigration, settlement, and starting their business in Houston and other cities in Texas.

Why Houston, Texas?

Houston is currently one of the fastest-growing cities in the USA and has a strong, thriving economy. Other Texas cities, such as Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin, are not far behind in leading the nation in economic recovery. To learn more, please visit YouTube and see “Texaplex Houston.”

Development Funds

Z-Co. is assembling a series of Investment Funds that will create commercial and residential projects. The investors will enjoy the following advantages when investing in one of our funds:

  • High profit potential on the capital investment
  • Monthly interest income
  • Projects designed for the current market conditions
  • Secured by real estate
  • Pre-determined exit strategy
  • Repeatable projects for re-investment
  • Immigration to USA for foreign investors and their families




North Fry Town center is a mixed-use commercial real estate development, located on Fry road, one mile north of Katy 



A three story – 36,000 SF mixed-use building offering a variety of medical services. The common areas will be shared


The Everson Apartments

Everson is a 300-Unit Class-A multifamily apartment development. We offer a midrise lifestyle in  a suburban setting with affordable rents,

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